Weaving Feeds My Soul

My name is Chelsey Tyshynski, and I’m the creator and proud owner of ‘ The Scarlett Lily’.

I spin yarn, weave and turn my cloth into products like scarves, cowls, blankets, tea towels, bags, and scrunchies. I am a married mother of two amazing daughters and work full time in Safety.

I have projects, deadlines, performance pressures, kids activities and no matter how rewarding the results are, there is still a lot of stress. When I need to take time for myself I turn to my creative outlet, weaving.

Ever since I can remember I have loved yarn. I learned to crochet when I was 12, cross-stitch in my teens, and back to crochet in my 20’s. I stumbled on weaving quite by happy accident when a friend inherited a loom, that I would buy off her for $50! I read the Learning to Weave book that came with it and here we are!

Weaving keeps me grounded. The rhythm of it; step-throw-beat-repeat. Soon, I feel the stress leaving me as I fall into the hypnotic sounds. My whole body moves together to create something beautiful that is 100% me. Sometimes I get so into it I lose track of time. It’s just me and my loom. Combining together colours and patterns, tying strings and winding warp is all so cathartic. While my hands are occupied my mind is free and I can focus again. Life often gets in the way and I sometimes find myself away from my loom for too long, but when I find my way back it reminds me all over why I weave.

I weave to find peace. I weave to find joy. I weave to be inspired into mindfulness. I weave to fill a practical need that we all have, I weave to find myself.

When you purchase one of my one of a kind items from me I hope you can feel the love and joy I put into every thread because that is what weaving brings to me. There is no greater compliment to a maker, at least in my mind, than to have someone buy something I make and use it until they need a new one. I also recently learned how to spin my own yarn and am very excited to do more with it! I hope you stick around for this new adventure with me!

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