The Importance of a Morning Routine

I believe in the significance of starting your day early. Give yourself at least an hour before you need to head out the door. In your first 15 minutes of waking up and getting yourself a nice fresh cup of coffee and using the bathroom, I highly suggest writing your day into existence.

+ What I do is wake up, get my coffee, jump back in bed and grab my journal and pen. Once you are ready, let’s begin. Start writing freely, what the perfect day will be for you today. What do you want to accomplish, how do you want to feel, who do you want to see and talk to, what are the feelings and thoughts you want to have, and how will you feel at the end of the day. Include whatever details you wish. One thing I do ask is do not write things you DON’T want. Examples of this are, ‘ I don’t want to feel anxious’, ‘ I don’t want to fail at my new workout regime’ or ‘ I won’t give up’. Absolutely no negative terminology, only DOES, WANTS, WILLS, and HAVES. Go it? Good!

+ What is the difference between setting daily intentions and goals you ask? Goals are large, in the future, hard to visualize and grasp. Intentions for the day provide a roadmap and reminder on how to start being who you want every day! Intentions give you purpose, as well as the inspiration and motivation to achieve your purpose. The practice of writing your day into existence intentions can change your life, so start now.

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