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Throughout my life, there has been wonderful moments and memories. I have a loving family, a group of amazing friends, a fulfilling career, and hobbies to fill it all in between.

Then there is the other side of all of this, an aspect where there isn’t a lot of this light and it is a heavy burden of depression and anxiety. At first glance, you would not see this but it is there and I know it exists because I deal with it. Art is my absolute major passion and my creativity is my expression of any emotion or thought. I paint and create crystal and gemstone jewellery.

There have been times in the past where the depression and anxiety will come out when painting and I didn’t keep a lot of those pieces but I still felt the peacefulness and mindfulness when I am done. At times, After a session like that, I did find a breakthrough in what I was consciously or sub-consciously thinking or what the essential cause of the encounter of the depression and anxious emotions. Thus I feel so much lighter and emotionally better about life.

In these creative moments, I can let it all go and I know that so I can just relax.

After those years, the thought of sitting down and painting I immediately feel inner peace and uplifted before I even pick up the brush. The last year and going forward I create a more light, peaceful, empowering and spiritual art piece that I intuitively create because I feel this light, peaceful and empowering emotions as I am creating it. This is an ongoing series I have called “Soul Sisters Collection” and it is an empowerment and uplifting series.

Every silhouette painting is unique in color and poses like every human being is unique. This series focuses on the soul depth of anyone and uplifting them and empowering them to be their most powerful self. This comes out in every session so it continues to empower myself as the artist as I am creating it to empower another person’s heart and soul as well. The consist motion’s of the brush and really focusing on the colors blending together sets a tone for mindfulness when I am creating an art piece. When I sit down to create jewellery the feelings are always peaceful, loving, empowering, and uplifting as well before I even pick up any material or tool as well. I am so focused on these emotions and the technique of wire wrapping or the beaded design that you are also putting yourself in a meditative mindset.

Every jewellery piece is created with peacefulness and love in mind as I am creating it and when I am done and I look at it I can still feel those emotions days or months later. Art is therapeutic and is a way of expression. Never underestimate the power of mixing colors or designing can do for the heart and soul.

By: Brettyn Campbell

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