We first start by a free consultation, which you can click below, to discuss what you are looking to create, and to feel each other energies, and if we align to create magic! I believe with a strong intuition that we are guided to what is meant for us Рand having that authentic and aligned connection is key to manifesting the most alluring Oracle Deck for you. 

We discuss the style, the artwork, the number of cards, the size of cards, the message you are wanting to relay through your cards, etc. We go through any questions, concerns, and brainstorm ideas. This is usually between 15-45 minutes.

It takes between 3-5 months to create an Oracle Deck, which includes the cards, the guidebook, and the box. The length depends on the intensity of artwork/design, the number of cards, and communication.

The cost for the Oracle Deck (Cards, Guidebook, and Box) depends again on the style of cards (intensity of labor/artwork/design), and the number of cards. It ranges from a minimum of $3,000 up to $7,000. Remember, this is a very intense creative process, energetically and physically – but the journey is remarkable – and the results extraordinary!

This is why I ONLY take on clients that have been truly guided to me, that are in divine timing to create such a strong energetic expression.