Of course, this is all about you—but here’s a little bit about me.

I am Kat Sidorenko,

The Founder and Creative Director of ‘Being Who You Want’ an Intuitive Brandhouse specializing in Oracle Card Design, Branding, Logos, Product Design, Book Illustrations, Website Design, Course Design, Social Media Management, Copywriting, and Business Mentorship.

I started ‘ Being Who You Want ‘ out of my deepest desires and alignment to help other spiritual and wellness entrepreneurs alike. My background in visual arts, creative writing, and certification through Integrative Wellness Academy alchemized my gift to help inspiriting entrepreneurs like yourself, all around the world. As the face of your business, clients do want you – your story, your services, your interpretation of the world.

Your brand and designs should be an extension of YOU, expressed at every digital touchpoint.

If you’ve ever thought “My time is so much better spent doing what I love, getting creative, and impacting others” then you’re in the right place.

Simply put: I help you capture the spotlight and wealth you deserve with intuitive branding and high-end, high-vibrational design. I want you to stop “playing small” and take your seat at the table as the industry leader you already are!

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